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Overwatch League Season 2 testing city-based structure

Some matches will be played in home stadiums.


We already knew that yesterday we'd be getting an Overwatch League Watchpoint Season Preview yesterday for next year, and now that's wrapped up we know that, while most matches will be played in the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, some matches will be played in home stadiums to test out the city-based format.

These will only be a "handful", according to commissioner Nate Nanzer, and there will be less matches too, with each team playing 28 instead of 40 that we saw last year. We don't know what matches these will be yet, but it'll be interesting to see how this works in terms of travel and planning.

London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion are kicking things off with a grand final rematch as the first match of the season on February 14, with tickets for the first week matches going on sale on December 12, including the ones you can find in this tweet.

Will the city-based format work?

Photo: Overwatch League