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DJI Osmo Action 4 (Szybki przegląd)

Przenieś ulepszoną akcję do swojego materiału dzięki nowej kamerze Action 4 firmy Osmo!

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
For all or most of our EVHour videos which I made for quite a long period and then kind of took a little break from because it was getting to be too much work, one of the main cameras there was actually not a big mirrorless or DSLR camera to do sort of the in-person talking to camera shots, it was actually one of these, not specifically this one, the old one we used was the DJI Osmo Action 3 and now they've made a brand new fourth version and you might look at it and see a GoPro but DJI has really picked up the mantle there and I think makes a much, much better product in general now."

"Now you get it in this little protective cage here which is kind of expected, that was also with last year's version but this is incredibly compact I feel, it's a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor which is very nice, it draws in more light in 10 bit color which is really nice, you get waterproof rating which is really cool which is up to 18 meters and has a wide variety of mounting hardware which is really neat, I absolutely adore it, it has a bigger viewfinder screen in general but a lot of the stuff that I loved about it from the old DJI Osmo Action 3 is the same, so you get these little mounting clasps here at the bottom which is really neat, you get a USB type C port on one of the sides which basically for instance let you use the DJI mic which is a great audio interface which I think kind of smokes Rode's own wireless go's and also can be used for regular charging and this little viewfinder here is really nice both front and back and this wider screen here is actually just, it's big, it's bright, it's very easy to see and navigate even under challenging lighting conditions and it's just a really simple way of setting up a shot and executing it very very quickly."

"Now I haven't played around with it too much but I'm really looking forward to it, it's a 160 minute shooting time in general but one cool thing that they've made this time around is this, now I think you have to pay extra for this but it's basically a bunch of extra batteries which is as quickly to insert as it is when they sell it with the fly more kits for their drones so it essentially means that one USB type C here at the bottom will charge all three batteries at once meaning that you would essentially get three times 160 minutes of shooting time, very very nice indeed and with a very quick battery indicator you can see depending on the color obviously how charged these batteries are so a very nice little touch."

"The one thing that I will say is that obviously waterproof up to 18 meters that's great, wide variety of mounting hardware, nice, 4K at 120 FPS, cool, 155 ultra wide lens, all good.
I would say, I feel like I'm harking on about this but these things are made to be carried, they are made to be carried out to a location where you feel like this particular camera can do something extraordinary for you so you might be hiking, you might be skiing, you might be swimming, you might be vlogging, whatever it is that you do you have to transport it somewhere so it just feels like a missed opportunity that they don't with the basic like version of the camera when you buy it have a small bag where all of this fits into."

"I'm talking like with the kit that I got, I got a selfie stick, I didn't bring it because it's the same one that you get with the Osmo Action 3 and this little battery kit here but just a really small, it can be made out of the cheapest freaking materials but just something that shows intention from DJI from the get-go to make sure that there are some pocket like flexible dividers inside this little bag that feels like this is where you have all your Osmo Action gear."

"That feels like a missed opportunity to me but apart from that this feels like a very safe but ultimately much needed upgrade to the Osmo Action 3 and I can't wait to use it when we start picking up EV-Hour videos again in the fall.
Thank you so much for watching."





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