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Silent Hope

Na koniec trochę ciszy i spokoju - Silent Hope Wywiad

Jak wygląda świat bez słów? Na to właśnie ma nadzieję odpowiedzieć nadchodząca gra RPG akcji Silent Hope. Z siedmioma unikalnymi postaciami i lochami pełnymi potworów, rozmawialiśmy o tej nowej grze z producentem Makoto Shioda i scenarzystą Honoka Moriwak.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone, welcome to Gamescom. I'm Alex here with Gamereactor and I'm here with Silent Hope, the new game from Marvelous.
It's sort of an action-y, dungeon-y, RPG-ish sort of game which has a lot of fun, a lot of great visuals and a lot going on, especially with the story, which sort of leads me into my first question.
You guys have a pretty intriguing story going on with a theme of silence and a lack of words. Could you talk a bit more about the story as it goes on?
The theme of this game is whether it's a good thing or evil. So through the theme of this game, we like to make the audience think again how important the words are."

"Brilliant. Moving on from that, I guess, is sort of the characters. We have seven characters to play as in this game and they all bring something different to the table.
They all offer their own unique weapons and fighting style. Is there anything else you can tell us about the characters and how they sort of interact with not only the game but the story and the world around them?
There's no feature in the game where the seven characters interact with each other. As the game progresses, you get to know each character's personalities or what they really think about this world. I hope you all enjoy this setting."

"We see in these characters, in the world around them, there's sort of a lot going on. There's this deep cavern that they have to enter, this dungeon of the Abyss.
I was hoping that you guys could talk maybe a bit more about the Abyss. Will we figure out its origins and where did it come from?
First of all, this dungeon changes its shape every time you enter. And also, this dungeon divides into multiple layers. Each layer of the dungeon represents what the kingdom used to look like."

"So the deeper you explore the dungeon, you will find out what was hiding in the kingdom.
In the Abyss, in this dungeon, there's a lot of creatures for us to deal with, a lot of monsters to fight. Where does the design and concepts, where do the concepts for these creatures come from? Because they're quite wacky.
Silent Hope is basically a fable of the Rune Factory. So that's what this game world is about."

"So based on the creatures that appeared in the Rune Factories, we got inspiration from those monsters. Then we expanded the idea to create new monsters.
So those who played Rune Factories will find this must be the monster. So that's the enjoyment of playing also.
Apart from fighting monsters and going through the dungeon, how does this game differ from similar dungeon-crawling, monster-fighting action games?
The biggest attraction of this game is the feel-good factor. When you play, you feel exciting from the beginning. So that's the difference."

"So these seven characters repeatedly come and go between the Abyss and base camp. But by repeating so, you will really feel your character grows much stronger each time. That's very exciting.
Although this is an action RPG, there might be some people who are not very good at fighting. But this game is quite easy to get into for anyone.
Apart from going through the main dungeons, there are also side jobs. Could you talk a bit more about some of the side jobs that people can do and the sort of side activities?
You can find a lot of items in the dungeon. So you bring the item back to base camp. Then you can order other characters to produce new weapons or equipment."

"As well as weapons and equipment, they also cook to enhance your character. So you can make use of all these products. And then next time you're going back to the Abyss, you can use them.
Finally then, when is the game coming out and what platforms can we expect to see it on?
Silent Hill will be released on the 3rd of October on Nintendo Switch and Steam."





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